Concentration Area:  Construction Engineering


Research Line: 

Strucutres and Construction 

The focus of this line of research involves advanced studies related to Structural Engineering, Materials Engineering and Construction with emphasis on issues related to housing problems and Infrastructure necessary for the Development of the North Region and the rest of the Country. Although PPGEC emphasizes the priority of study of solutions to regional problems, this line of research also addresses basic and applied research topics of global interest (national and international).


Concentration Area:  Water Engineering


Research Line: 

Water Resources and Environmental Sanitation

The focus of this line of research involves the development and application of methodologies, technologies and processes to qualitatively and quantitatively model and monitor the use of water resources, using mathematical, statistical and experimental methods, always seeking to promote the sustainable use of these resources in urban or rural areas. Analyzing, in the same way, water treatment and supply systems; and the systems of treatment of domestic and industrial sewage, aiming at the maintenance of water resources with environmental quality.