The Civil Engineering Graduate Program of the Institute of Technology of the Federal University of Pará (PPGEC / ITEC / UFPA) was approved by CAPES in 1999 and had its first group started in 2001, being the first Civil Engineering Master's Degree in the Northern Brazil Region, performing integrated teaching, research and extension activities in the areas of Civil Engineering and Sanitary and Environmental Engineering.

PPGEC seeks to promote the sustainable development of the Region. As a result, the program is gradually becoming the main reference on specific issues in the Amazon within its area of activity.

The Program currently offers the Academic Master's Degree course in Civil Engineering, whose organizational structure covers two areas of concentration and four lines of research, namely:

 Structure of the Master in Current Civil Engineering



  • Contribute to the sustainable development and environmental preservation of the Amazon Region, in the pertinent field of action, through the development of research and dissemination of knowledge;
  • To collaborate with the effort of training human resources with their own initiative, critical capacity and high scientific qualification in their different areas of activity;
  • To develop scientific researches, providing the deepening of technological studies and the improvement of professionals of higher level in the field of Civil Engineering and Sanitary and Environmental Engineering;
  • Provide conditions for the formation and development of research groups with common objectives, in particular with regard to improving infrastructure;
  • Promote exchanges with national and foreign research institutions;
  • Encourage scientific production in its different areas of activity.